I just hate working in the garden but I had to do some work today because tomorrow a new fence will be placed by the company that I hire from. Since I rent this place my garden has been a mess. After Miranda and I married my family paid for the removing of a lot of rubble and a couple of square yards of bamboo. After that we looked for a person who could put some paving in it but in the end I had to ask my dad because the people we wanted to hire never showed up. Beware this was a full year after the garden was emptied. After that I didn’t do a lot in my garden so it became a mess again.

This year I started to clean it up because we wanted Merlin to be able to play in a safe garden. I already got rid of a load of sand and stuff some weeks ago. Today we cleaned up all the paving so we could actually see all the stones again. There’s still some sand to get rid of because when it rains now it gets some sand of the borders onto the paving. But the garden is safe now and all the mess is gone. Just check out these pictures.

How it once was to how it is now.

What a mess
Some green stuff
Goodbye mess
A long way to go
The only good solution for bamboo
Heavy duty stuff to bring in....
Yellow sand
Paving in progress
Cat enjoying the result today
looks good
Now we can finally enjoy the sun

Another exam bites the dust

This time my victim was the Microsoft exam 70-647 PRO: Windows Server 2008, Enterprise Administrator. Passed it with a score of 0ver 94%. I have to admit I looked trough the answers once or twice but most work was done from a couple of books. Offical book’s ain’t released yet so I had to use some other ones.


We wanted to get some decent icecreams today but it turned out that where we wanted to get it was closed down for some cycling event. All shops where open but not a decent parkingspace to find nearby. So we turned around and went to my mom’s so taking the car wasn’t a waste. Gladly Merlin wasn’t to disappointed by it, he is know to throw a fit about these kind of things.


well the neighbor decided to drill a hole in the ceiling for a lamp. This made so much noise that i now have a 2 1/2 year old monkey hanging around my neck. Merlin’s really scared by it. Gwen doesn’t give a damn and continuous watching tv though.


I am pretty sure most of the techies already know this but today I installed portable aps on my usb stick. It’s an alternative for u3 when your usb stick doesn’t support that. Go to to try it yourself. I added like 10 apps wich I use a lot.

New car radio for Miranda

Bought a new car radio for Miranda since hers wasn’t receiving any radio signals anymore. Decided to buy a not so expensive sony that does have an usb connector. So now instead of changing cd’s every so often she has to copy some new mp3’s to the usb stick.